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Just Be

Renee Mairs

What would you say if Jesus asked you to dance?

Seriously. What would you say? Believe it or not, He does want to dance with you! He wants to whisk you away into a fun, dynamic, and exciting friendship that will completely change your life. If you’re anything like me and have lived the boring Christian life, then this book is a must read.

Open up the pages and through my journey, discover how He actually wants to be your friend.

Not only that, He wants to be your best friend. He wants to spend time with you more than you want to spend time with Him. He has plans He wants to share with you, adventures He wants to take you on, healing He wants to give you.

I invite you into my journey and how this looks, with the heart’s desire that you are also encouraged to pursue your own friendship with the most amazing friend you will ever have. Grab a coffee, snuggle down with a cozy blanket, and let’s go!


About the Author

Renee Mairs enjoys her friendship with Jesus in Alberta, Canada where she lives with her wonderful hubby and three gorgeous kiddos. Her heart's desire is for everyone to know the One who gives true life. Renee is a Spiritual Coach with a passion in training and equipping others, encouraging them into deeper and deeper friendship with Him. She loves seeing others get free and healed, and serves on a healing and deliverance team that delights in praying with others. She enjoys her time with her family, being creative, cooking, movies, bacon (she firmly believes bacon needs to be in it's own food group), Tim Tams, and campfires.

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