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Truth Leaks

Rachel McKenzie

God is stirring the deep waters.

I invite you into an unexpected journey where revelation and hope intertwine to create an irresistible summoning of freedom.

These pages are filled with a uniquely expressive release of truth, bubbling up from within a broken, dissociated soul. Through creative writing, God opened up a road to healing that seemed otherwise impassable. By exposing layers of hiddenness, paper and pen became the tools that carved truth from stone and cracked open the floodgates to allow God’s love to penetrate and overtake the darkness. This book welcomes you into the tear-stained, hope-filled pages of my journal, where truth leaked through, and words opened a portal into Heaven’s beautiful destiny for my life.


About the Author

Rachel has experienced the unrestrained power and love of God in remarkable ways. After being born and raised in the Occult, she has walked through a transformative journey into freedoms, healing and true identity. The most powerful tool God gave her was the gift of revelation through writing. With that key, she desires to unlock doors for others to walk into their God-given identities with authority and joy.

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