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The Battle for the Soul of Canada

Grant S Abraham

A five-alarm fire alert that could help save Canada's promise.

The legal framework that supports our way of life is being deconstructed and rewritten before our eyes. This brutal truth will never be told to us directly as a statement of policy to vote against until it is too late for us to respond meaningfully.

This is a wake-up call for the conservative right in Canada that reveals a paradigm shift for how to deal with the corrosive leftist agenda that is destroying our nation and ultimately asks the question that will unsettle every Harper 2.0 conservative in Canada:

If the Liberals can deconstruct Canada with a minority government, imagine what the populists, the social conservatives, and the Christian right can do to reshape the political landscape by presenting a united voice that champions the core values that built this nation and neutralizes the darkness that is undermining Canadian families, our communities, and our national sovereignty?


About the Author

As a voice for truth and reform, Grant Abraham has stepped forward to remind Canadians of the root values that Canada was founded upon and why these values provide an off-ramp solution to the destructive forces that are currently attempting to reshape Canada beyond recognition. He believes Canadians who align with these values are finding their voices and are finding each other in order to fuse a new expression of conservatism in Canada that radically shifts the political status quo.

Grant was born in Alberta and grew up in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, attending high school in Abbotsford. His mother’s family were homesteaders from near Kindersley, Saskatchewan; his father is a first-generation Canadian from Northern Ireland. Grant is married and has four sons.

As a qualified Barrister and Solicitor, Grant worked internationally in the area of international development and social impact investment. He is also a smallholder sheep farmer and has a keen interest in sustainable ‘farm-to-fork’ organic farming.

Follow along as Grant leads the way to forge the nation of Canada back to it's bedrock values:

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