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Bring Them Closer Audio

Connie Jakab

Our kids are not okay.

The children and youth mental health crisis is at an all-time high. Anxiety and depression are skyrocketing.

In Bring Them Closer, author Connie Jakab shares from her experience working with parents and educators with for 25 years in homes and schools, but also what she learned in her own home with a mental health crisis her family faced. 

She digs deeper into questions like:

  • What does the idea “you never send the hurting away; you bring them closer” really look like?

  • How do we create a connection with our children, so they live healed and whole? 

  • How do we see our children free of anxiety, depression, and behavioural issues? 

  • How do you support a child or student who is depressed?

  • How do you get through to an oppositional child or student?

  • How do you parent or teach a student with ADHD or ASD?

  • How do you help a child or student drowning in anxiety?

This audiobook is narrated by Connie Jakab.

About the Author

Connie Jakab is the CEO of the Jakab Co, author, speaker, and culture creator. She works with other culture creators to see their dreams come to fruition, as well as help schools, workplaces, and homes design connected cultures that bring people to life.

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